Bojan Dulabic

My name is Bojan Dulabic. I'm a creative individual who loves to embrace many areas of technology to tell stories.

I'm an actor/writer/director and 3D artist.

When it comes to 3D art, my focus is modeling and texturing. I also have over 10 years of video production background creating documentaries, short and feature films, music and concert videos and over 6 years of graphic and web design experience.

I use Maya and zBrush to create 3D models and Substance Painter for texturing. I'm very familiar with all Adobe-based graphic & web design and video production applications including After Effects and Premiere Pro.

My mind is always focused on storytelling. Even if I model something as simple as a crate, it still needs to tell a story, whether it's done with texturing, lighting, or the environment.

All my past experiences have taught me to see the world from a different point of view, which I extend to my creative projects.